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Claus Birkholz
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Seydelstr. 7, D-10117 Berlin, GERMANY
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Lecture Notes presented at DPG Spring Conferences
on Particles and Relativity.
DPG = German Physical Society
After 100 years of idling away by torturing common sense with singularities and by inconsistently twisting mathematics, theoreticians now may stop their centennial work for the garbage: Here we announce the marriage of Einstein to Planck! Ultimate research results on a New Physics free of singularities to replace the outworn "Standard Model[s] of Fundamental Physics are presented in terms of a consistent
Quantum Gravitation i.e., Einstein’s General Relativity fully quantized
including quantized bent space-time.
The Grand Unification (GUT) as its natural extension.
The "World Formula" relating Cosmology to Particle Physics.
Dark energy, dark matter, black holes, behind the event horizon, before the big bang, cosmic inflation, cosmological "constant", ... , charges,
particle physics without singularities, non-valence part, all forces of nature, leptonic flavours, hadronic flavours, quark confinement, masses, resonances, scattering slopes, parities, fine-structure constant ...
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